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Message From The Mayor


The history of literature gives testimony to the fact that whenever a tragedy occurs in a place; poetry always comes to the rescue of the people. This is also a proof that poetry does not only have an aesthetic quality but also an ethic credential. Even while poetry puts a pain into words, it contains a social cry in its sub-meaning. And likewise even though seemingly a very personal and private poetic expression holds the intellectual codes of a society where the poet was born, raised and eventually brought him or her into a composed personality.

This is exactly very much to do with this feature of poetry that it maybe has had a very deep impact on us throughout the history of humanity. There should be no other field having an effect on humans except religion. As religions have stood stand by humanity and guided it, so did poetry.

As opposed to darkness, which is looming over humans like a nightmare, poetry still continues to lighten our world like the sun dispersing darkness.

It is just as well that there is poetry, and there are poets. In that, on July 15, the attempt plotted by the global imperialism to occupy our country was foiled at most by poets. The organized extensions of the global evil faced with the best reaction coming from the poems of our poets. They fought against the weapons, tanks and jet fighters by taking to the streets and using their fists as well as their extraordinary resistance and their poems – a reflection of their heroism – for sure. The global imperialism should have noticed this: We have our poets, and as long as they live, this nation, this land – without any need for weapons for their survival – shall continue to exist.

Poetry is a true nightmare for tyrants, dictators and coup plotters. As long as poetry lives on, nobody could steal the labor, the dreams and expectations of our nation. It does not matter who the robber is – be them a state or a multinational Corporation. On July 15, they all attacked our country, but to no avail. Some states who act like the gendarme of the world allied with the multinational merchants of death and a treason organization called FETO, and they attacked our nation. What did they get from it? With our spouses, children, men and women, poets, writers, soldiers, police, imams, teachers, and our whole nation like being one wrist and one heart, we taught all imperialists a lesson of heroism by turning our bodies into the shields and weapons under the leadership of our President Honorable Recep Tayyip Erdoğan who called on us to take to the streets. This lesson was read and memorized by the oppressed nations.

We know it: From now on everything shall not be the way it used to be. It is so because we composed the greatest poem possible to be written by the people. This was a poem of heroism. Every young person who put himself or herself before the tanks was the author of a line of this grand poem. In that night, that is July 15 night, our laments, lullabies and legends were mobilized for this grandiose poem.

What could have been expected from a nation who always put its pains, joy and love into words through poetry!.. As a nation never experienced imperialism in its history, whenever we saw an oppression and occupation, we have always taken a stand against them. Thank God, even today we as a state and a nation are confronting destructions aimed not only at our own nation but also all types of massive wrongs. We do this without any consideration of the persecuted nation’s language, the religious beliefs, and geography. This approach is taken by our politicians, poets and our nation.

That’s why; we have invited our poet friends from all corners of the world to the 5th International Istanbulensis Poetry Festival. To sing the same song in different languages.

We, the Sultanbeyli Municipality with a strong belief in the power of poetry, feel privileged that we are able to publish an anthology containing the poems on July 15 resistance, and to put its stamp on history. “The Anthology of the Poets Who Resisted Coup d’états does not only consist of the poems of the Turkish poets. Our anthology includes the poems of the poets such as Leyla Şerif Emin and İlhami Emin from Macedonia, Taner Güçlütürk and Zeynel Beksaç from Kosovo, and Gazizbek Taşimbay from Kazakhistan.

As well as these valuable works, we are very happy to be able to open up a thematic library in our district. With an aim of having the biggest poetry library, our library builds up every day. We exert every effort to put our foreign and domestic poets’ poetry collections in the shelves of our library. We have been really encouraged by the gracious poetry book gifts from many poets of ours. On this occasion I would like to take the liberty to express my appreciation for all of them.

As part of our poetry and writing workshops, our debutant young writers and poets see their poetry collections published one by one. Many our youngsters now write for the national magazines. This is something we take pride. Our support shall continue nonstop. This is so because we are very much aware of the meaning of resisting via arts and literature…

Due to the July 15 coup d’état attempt against our country, we decided the theme of this year’s festival as the resistance against coup d’états.

As it has been a case by now, our festival this year is full of activities. We shall try to be the voice of all oppressed people on the planet via many domestic and foreign poets. Our poets would keep meeting with our schools this year too. The voices of our poets shall be echoed not only in the cultural centers but also in various places of our district and even of our city.

Like last year, this year the young poets of the poetry workshop organized and supported by our municipality shall participate in our festival with their own activity.

I feel proud that I am saluting you at the new international residence of poetry.

Enjoy our festival.


Hüseyin KESKİN

Sultanbeyli Mayor