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About The Festival

The 6th International Istanbulensis Poetry Festival offers a series of literary and artistic events lasting four days between 02-05 May 2018. In total 38 poets, and 16 of them from abroad are going to attend the festival. Sultanbeyli Municipality has continued organizing this international poetry festival since its debut in 2012, and turning it into a traditional activity, every time with a new theme. Through the poets invited from all corners of the world, Sultanbeyli Municipality has managed to widen the effects of poets and poetry in the masses, creating great enthusiasm.

The theme of the 6th International Istanbulensis Poetry Festival is the Modern Turkish Poetry with a subtitle of “Turkish World”. Via poets coming from different Turkish states in various geographies, the importance and contemporary state of the poetry tradition in the Turkish communities are going to be emphasized. Poets will be we presenting different samples of the modern Turkish poetry, and the academic dimension of it will be covered.

Within the context of poetry festival opening and final programs, there are some special events and poetry meetings. These events will be bringing Turkish poetry to fore on an international level, and contribute to perpetuate the spirit of poetry. Beside this, as part of Istanbulensis Poetry Festival’s long standing tradition, through “Poets are in Schools” activities, the young generation will be exposed to poetry. The use of school halls in poetry meetings will catch the attention of all students and educationists to poetry.

Another feature of the 6th International Istanbulelsis Poetry Festival Project is that it addresses all segments of society. Because of the chosen subject, from bureaucracy, to media, from the literary circles to a lay person, the festival program was designed to cater the needs of all individuals.

Four-day long festival, which will bring together poets from Turkey and other countries of the world in Sultanbeyli, will turn the town into the “Capital City of Poetry”, and it would make a huge contribution to the artistic, literary and cultural reservoir of our country leaving strong and positive traces.

When there is a talk about superiority among civilizations in contemporary societies, mostly technical superiortiy comes to mind. This is obviously not an issue of our time. When you take a look at the last centuries of our civilization, although technical superiority would bring dominance to the nations who possess it, yet the wiping the fine veins of a civilization under the influence of that powerful civilization is also accomplished mostly through literary works. If you look from this framework, we can easily recognize the changing power of the institutions of civilization under the influence of the dominant one thoroughly. When we examine the Tanzimat Reform era, we can understand that why a nation identifying itself for centuries with its own literature plunged into a “civilization crisis” which was the case at that period in our geography because we entered into a different cultural atmosphere. It is interesting to know that Yahya Kemal said once when he was asked how the Turks were able to go near Vienna, “Do you think it was through sword? It was by eating cracked wheat pilaf and reading mesnevi.” A civilization defining itself like this was destined to bump into civilization crises when it gets under the influence of works that are that its own. The point worth of notice here is the fact that a civilization identifies itself with reading mesnevi, and this mesnevi has made great contribution in the newly arrived places. There are many ways to get to know cultures. Among those, literary works, promote directly the mentality of the cultural atmosphere to other nations. It is known that these works covering a given culture from inside, provide direct information with regards to the thinking of the people in that cultural environment.

Societies can reach other societies through literary works about their life styles, the way of dealing and perceiving issues. When you look at the literary works in the Russian Literature, a Dostoyevsky, Pushkin, Chekhov and Tolstoy as well as other many writers have projected the world views of the Russians.

To be precise, we can claim that these authors have built Russia, and the window of Russia to the world has been opened directly by these personalities. These writers rank before the Russian society. Even Russia would disappear as a state, through an author such as Dostoyevsky, its recognition shall perpetuate. It could be also said for Homer being a pillar as a name holding up the ancient Greek civilization up today can give us a same parallel. Those names mentioned have made great contributions through their existence and works for their permanence but also for the civilizations they belong to. Unfortunately, this has not been exactly the case for us. We are not going to discuss the reasons for it but if the world had known Yunus Emre, that would have changed the whole thing. We can easily claim that as much as we can promote Yunus Emre, Fuzuli and Baki on the stage of world nations then our civilization would have more influence over other nations.

As a conclusion, the works produced in the fields of literature and arts and in their subfields can shed light to the fundamental problems of the societies they are in, and they can also reflect answers and solutions to those issues. Hereby novel, poetry, music, time, location and people can become immortalized and they can be mentioned alongside with the nation which produced them. Via our Project, concepts of poetry and Istanbul, Sultanbeyli and poetry, it is aimed at to immortalize our poets, young poets, literature and poetry-lovers, guest countries’’ poets, litterateurs in a common spirit and to leave a note in history on an international level.

Poetry is one of the founding elements of a nation. Through international festivals organized for years, Istanbulensis Poetry Festival has created a context where poetry has a voice which has not lost its importance and impressiveness immemorially. With the themes designated each year, it has been expressing and showing its stance on the stage of the world.