A. Yusuf Karadavi
Poet, television host and newspaper columnist. A founding member of a number of political movements opposing Mubarak’s rejime such as Kefaya (i.e. “enough”) and the National Association for Change. He has been writing daily and weekly columns in some Egyptian and Arab newspapers including al-Shorouq, al-Youm al-Sabei, al-Ahram, al-Dostour, Sout al-Ommah, al-Masry al-Youm and others. He hosts a variety of television shows. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Islamic Law (Sharia), and a master’s degree in the Purposes of Islamic Law from Cairo University’s Dar al-Olum. He published a number of poetry collections and other publications.
The Deer Chased by the Wolves
The deer chased by the wolves
He left the herd and he is against it
He left the herd and he gives up on the herd 
He runs in a state of being estranged
He runs, and his showy antlers rise up towards the sky
As if he hurts
The prayers of the oppressed could not find the swords and spells
They decided to run back to their creators
As if he is a renegade fugitive deer
To be chased by the wolves though

* 	*	*
The deer continues his run
As if forgetting about the wolves and running for its lust
He forgets about a sharp tooth that is able to tear his flesh apart
He is still alone and the wolves are in numbers
Still there is a possibility to tell but the lines are limited
Yet I trace him and the wolves
Curiosity doesn’t make sleep
I nearly can see the wolves are about to catch him
He kicks them off with his hooves
The jaw of the murderer knows how to respect his fight
He still runs
The wolves see hem as being only a prey
But he still on the run
* 	*	*
The deer is running in the snow
For the morning, in a state of being bored with the night
His feet hit the snow like a destructive flood
He is running towards the deep valley, there is a progressively steep road
Death is the wolf and life seems to be a forest
He runs with the determination of the forest in order to increase his load
The teeth of this wolf makes him afraid but
As he showed up his magnificent antlers, those wolves remembered
That he is still a deer
* 	*	*
A deer, a wolf and ice…
And the flickering breaths, explaining the timeless story in the forest that looks like a crystal
The news inside him gets mobilized
And the magician is powerless
Though poetry is captive to my eyes like a passing by tear
These nestles of eyes turned their tears into a stone
And the forest showed respect for the fight of the deer
And showed respect to the wolves who continue running to get their prey
And the question in my mind keeps mumbling in fear
Whenever I watch a deer, I start asking:
I wonder how many wolves he kicked off.

How many times he was afraid of them?
And when I see a wolf, I ask
I wonder how many deer he ate
* 	*	*

A deer, a wolf and life pouring out the sweet water of love
A poem running after these two
Feeling tired and then leaning his back
And the forest dons its flowers, spreads its grassy carpets
And curiosity makes me exhausted
Let both of them for their destiny…
Since I have only one heart, this question makes me tired
If I were in that story

Would I be a deer
Or would I be a wolf?

Abdurrahman Yusuf Kardavi
English Translation by Mesut Şenol