A. K. Abu Khudairi
An academician, poet, writer and translator. Having graduated with a degree in Arabic from Faculty of Art, University of Cairo in 1970, Khudairi earned an M.A. degree in 1978. After that he spent some productive years in Seoul. In 1981 Khudairi taught at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This was followed by three years in Malaysia. On his return to Egypt, he completed his PhD. In 2007 he was appointed the first Dean of the Faculty of Arabic language and Islamic Civilization, Sultan Sharif Ali Islamic University where he currently teaches comparative literature, research methods, and theory of translation. Khudairi wrote 60 books, 52 fairy tales, 25 literary translations, 100 essays, and many other writings. He received several poetry awards.
Ode to Istanbul



The queen of the cities of the world,

And the land of the seas of amber,

Where east meets west in perfection,

And the home of strong, brave men,

And women like houris from paradise,

And the abode of grand, white mosques,

And the stunning and the miraculous Ayasofya,

Which stands in beauty and pride,

And the legendary Muslim sultans

Who have filled our world with their wisdom?

I have come from the land of the pharaohs,

With a book of poems in one hand,

And a red tulip flower in the other

To listen to the melodies of your songs.

And to fill my eyes, my heart, and my soul

With your wonders, with your charms, and grace.


Arif Khudairi