A poet and writer, Ahmu el-Hasan el-Ahmedi, studied law and political sciences at Marrakesh al-Cadi Ayyad University. He is a Master’s degree student of the same university in the fields of international relations and geopolitics. He has written poems in Arabic and Berber languages. He attended many poetry festivals in Morocco and abroad. His poems appeared in various literary magazines. His published poetry collections are as follows: “Reyye’l-Karanfil – The Fragrance of the Carnation” Rabat, Darüsselamm Publishing House, 2011; “Fî Ğıyâbâti’l-Hub – In the Absence of Love”; Rabat 2012; and “Eldorado”, in the process of publication.
You are gazing into the wind

 You are gazing into the wind! delay your leaving time!
 Your hurt is deeper
 The country of mazes is more ancient in your orbit
 You are gazing into the wind! 
 The secret of my poems are as the trees flourishing madness 
 Thirsty with originality and grief
 I had shaped my defeats as a tattoo by the flowers 
 And the neigh sound of my horses are all around the cities
 Whenever i shape my peninsula a boat converts from the Arabic Cost 
 My tent there was like a paradise where i had also palms and camels
 And then i left as the ancient sound wants me back
  The smell of Arabi (Yaarub) is fragrant from the escort 
 The Dreams kill me at my beds
  As if i m a Mercury up of my pillows
 My bottle is full of sadness with a taste of happiness
 And my bag is like a shy confident hope
  I remembered "Abla" with her nostalgic eyeliner 
 Showed At the papers of "Al jiwaa"
 Hey! You the wind! I’m still alive!
 I’m having the rarest diamonds from time 
 And my tongue is full of eloquence 
 Leave my white prayer bead.. the toy of my child
 Leave the shawl of my mother.
The torrent of your river is dangerous
 I’m still alive here! Based 
 And i m to the crowns of courage attached
 I have a date: Laila is at the beginning of my poem
 And for my fragrant tent will be a bright era