Aisha Duranti
She is an actress storytelling, writing and investigating about oral tales and myths. She holds a bachelor of Art in Drama (Facultad de Arte y Diseño Universidad Nacional de Cuyo UNC). She is a member of the Argentinian Writers Union, and her works focus on poetry, performing arts plays, dramaturgy and narrative representation of traditional stories and myths as an effective method to develop creative writing. As a story teller she focuses on the rescue of tales in oral tradition, investigate its symbolic content and the teachings that were able to survive in time. As a cultural manager she promotes and creates areas for the formation and practice of oral narration in places such as prisons, hospitals, museums, government centers and therapeutic centers.
"A clear sign I will give you well you will have to understand it": When your eyelids do not hide monsters
And be your dream bathed by the light of Mount Arafat,
Then you will nail a burnished oar there by the blows of the sea. You will bury there all desire to sail and fear of fading.

In the cave,
Hide the treasures.
On the garbage of uncertain pilgrimage
Well you could lose them.

Take seven stones
And with ihram beggar
Shoot the thousand-headed ivy, The maker of the game.
Shoot the heart of the sensual suitors of your soul.

In the olive bed your faithful wife awaits the meeting.
The lovers close the wall that opens the door to the noto dvino, To the land of light,
To the land of memory.
The door of the immortals.

The Circle of the Infernal Myth Breaks And the universal melody is revealed. The innocent perception, lozana,
The phi aureus explodes its secret.