Ali Ayçil
A poet, writer and editor, Ali Ayçil graduated from the Kazım Karabekir Education Department of Erzurum Atatürk University.  He was one of the founders of Mostar magazine, a culture and history journal, and he took up the responsibility of its editorship from its second issue on. Following Mostar, he assumed the responsibility of the job of editor-in-chief for weekly Gerçek Hayat (Real Life) magazine. During a period when TRT 2 television channel was a channel of culture, he prepared and presented a program called “The Ones Coming with Poetry”.  He continues writing weekly for Gerçek Hayat magazine. On the TV Net channel, alongside with Mr. Turgay Bakırtaş, he presents a culture program entitled “Long Story”. Also, his poems and writings about poetry have appeared in magazines such as Dergâh (Dervish Convent), Hece (Syllable), and Kitaplık (Library). He continues overseeing the management of Dergâh magazine and has done so since December 2015.  


I did not plant a single tree and the book under a child

And a couple of separations, two of them from a laptop

All the reasons are different but you cannot escape from parting because it is destiny

The system crashes suddenly and there is no fixing for the first evenings at the service shop

There are no keys, no eyelashes, and the night seems to be a lodging room in the steppe

All of a sudden one gets astonishes to see the stars


Why do humans get surprised and at what?

As everybody receives applause, and for the ones who considers is less would get more

The ones who find it less, for instance, ought to talk about God, the share for profit increased

When we parted, there was no available fixing for the first evening at the service station

The home telephone broken on the wall, fainting, a journey to the harsher books

Even we meet at the pier; we would immediately hit hastiness


I happen to think whether we would have come back

For sure not to each other, since it was dismissed from heaven

The girl is beautiful and in the underground guaranteed for two years from the service station

She carries a very green apple in her bag, and she wears headphones, staring at one point

May I sit near her a bit and talk about preacher Davudoglu with her

And may I say that this staring is non-contaminated by any virus, and even it is in two thousand sixteen


Here one more deleted file, dear grinds! Again in the year two thousand sixteen

The pain does not stick anywhere on you, and it does not make itself known

Whereas we were getting crazy over the land line and then having the hiccups

Now the physicians have a very difficult job, so many files were deleted even the grinds do not remember

I know about it because of my friendship with Bulgakov, these is not the devil’s work

Whose work is it. Whose work is it, oh God they profit in cities, they profit in mountains


Ali Ayçil

English Translation by Mesut Şenol