Ali Ural
A poet, writer and editor, A. Ali Ural was born in Ladik of Samsun province. His first poem appeared in the literary magazine called Mavera (1982). After his higher education he served as an editor, and following this career he founded Şule Publishing. He published Merdiven Sanat (Ladder Art) magazine in 1989. Also, a bimonthly magazine called KitapHaber (BookNews) was one of the literary magazines he managed (2005-2007). Between 2006 - 2012, A. Ali Ural served as the branch president of the Turkish Writers’ Union (Türkiye Yazarlar Birliği). In addition, he taught creative writing, written and oral word, and Turkish language courses at a foundation university. He has been the publishing manager of Karabatak (Cormorant) literary magazine since 2012. He earned his master’s degree with his thesis called “Fictional Structure of the Godsend Forty Hours (Hızırla Krık Saat’in Kurgusal Yapısı)”.  


The bullet is found inside a date

Would it be a sin if we don’t bury it in the ground

Certainly they are taken from homes wrapped in blankets

The cold weather does not go away, why the market is so huge

There is room for you too in the biggest refrigerator of the East

Do not fear of the dark, when its door is open, its light will be on

A cut finger in the Zakariyya Mosque

It is not a minaret, it is a cut finger

Is there anybody wishing to become blood brother

Is there some blood

Is there a brother


A rock is found from a snowball and a baby from a baby

Would it be a sin if we live inside a refrigerator

Aha, I just remembered that I am deaf and my hand movements are because of it

I just remembered that I cannot speak but I can throw signs

To the sky like a machine gun and a downpour starts

Say if Aleppo is there, the faces begin streaming and dropping from the umbrellas

Have you ever seen a streaming face, it just gets closed when you hit the button of don’t be scared

What if you had lived in a television with no turn on/off button

If only you would have lived provided that Aleppo was there

If Aleppo is there, you would live

Ali Ural

English Translation by Mesut Şenol