Dolares Dorantes
A Journalist, writer, poet. Born in Mexico. Literary works of Dorantes including poems for children were published in the country and abroad. Dorantes has received several national and international awards. Dorantes’ poems appeared in several international anthologies and translated into a number of foreign languages. Dorantes coordinates the mobile bookshop project as well as founding the company called FRUGAL for promoting arts. Dorantes works in an autobiographical book-documentary and its performance project.  


The source of all genuine joy and sorrow is because the way the world is like. […] Sorrow and joy do not have a positive or negative qualification any object might have. On the contrary they are as pure as they exist without any characterization. 

Giorgo Agamben


If so:

We were five dogs. Five indifferent, drown in their own being. We were five castaways. Five stray ones. We five  were poor and miserable. Five died of cold. Five who are far away from love. We were five beggars. We five confirmed that we wrote five stories. Five pieces of anger. Five cases of confusion. Five sources of sorrow. By dancing, by showing the wounds as if they are our medals. By exhibiting that mange is the best refuge for us. By stirring our skinned bones with pleasure.

We were five plants. Five plants naive and behaving nicely. Five antennas moving their pistils. Five branches and leaves of the tree. Five mute and sensual structure, developing under the soil. Five blind towns bringing their roots together to find themselves. Five heartbeats. Five liver easing the suffocating air. Five bunches sprouting wrapping themselves in tranquility. Five flawless expressions of the soil. We were five roses. Five pieces of essence.

Five Stones. Five incapacitated. Five weak shapes. Carried away by the flow of the conditions. Windblown by nature. Weakened. Fragmented. We were five unexpressed minerals. Out of temper. The ones tat overcame the difficulties through their strong existence.  The ones that came to place where love rolled them up.

We were five bodies. Five silent death. Five organisms in the process of going to pieces. We were five mouths having been eaten by the insects. Five locations of plunder. Five remnants of the hair and the skin. Five ones overrun by deep howls. Five tongues their speech were interrupted. Twenty dirty nails. Eight blood bath. Ten land pieces. Ten cases of thirst. Four hundred cracks. We: we were the ones that multiplied exponentially.


Dolares Dorantes

English Translation by Mesut Şenol