Ayşe Sevim
She was born in 1979 in İzmit. She graduated from the History Department of the Istanbul University. Ayşe Sevim's published books: Güneşe Yolculuk – Journey to the Sun (This novel, of which subject is the life of Muhammad the Prophet, was awarded by the Turkish Writers Union with the Children’s Literature Prize); Yazarlar ve Aşkları – Writers and Their (Essay); Feminizm - Feminism (Research); Çocuklar için Türk Destanları Serisi – A Turkish Epics Series for Children; Ashab-ı Kehf – Seven Sleepers (Children’s novel); Hikaye Anahtarcısı I - Tuhaflıklar Asansörü – The Locksmith of the Story Narrator  1 – The Elevator of Oddity (Children’s novel); Hikaye Anahtarcısı II- Ejderhalar Zamanı  - The Locksmith of the Story Narrator  2 –  The Time of the Dragons (Children’s novel); Dede Korkut Tales (An adaptation for Children); Taburcu – Discharged (Poetry; İşlenmemiş Suç – Uncommitted Crime (Poetry)
a country thrown out of a skyscraper

I was raised by playing the hair of my country

I stuck its wind on my knee as the sticking plaster 

I was a handful turkish inside my mom’s womb

she used to read my tale the Ağrı-Ararat


The Fırat-Euphrates was streaming inside my heart when I was a teenager

haci bayram had an operation on me to purge me 

I used to take a look at the calls to the prayer in photo albums when I was a child


the dreaming men in my country are Süleymaniye

all of them commute to their work by riding their invisible horses

if the women would like to spell their names, it is the home-land

God save it


God save the lullabies in the wedding chests

they are going to throw away my country from a skyscraper

hold their extending hands


Ayşe Sevim

English Translation By Mesut Şenol