Erik Lindner
A poet, writer, editor and literary critic. Born in The Hague, The Netherlands.  He debuted with his poetry book Tramontane (Perdu) 1996 and has since published three collections of poetry with De Bezige Bij: Tong en trede (‘Tongue and thread’, 2000), Tafel (‘Table’, 2004) and Terrein (‘Terrain’, 2010). Erik Lindner works as a freelancer writer and is based in Amsterdam. He is the founder of Terras, the Dutch-language magazine for international literature, as well as an essayist, teacher and a litterary critic. In 2013 his debut novel Naar Whitebridge (‘To Whitebridge’) appeared and in 2014 Acedia, an anthology  from his first four books of poetry with extra new poems. His poetry books have been published in translation in French, German and Italian.
The sea is purple at Piraeus

A flag creeps out of the campanile
when the wind turns.

A man steps over a dog.
A woman stoops to rub her eyelid.

In an umbrella shop an umbrella falls off the counter.

A pigeon perching on a narrow branch
falls off, flutters, and settles again.
The berry out of reach at the end of the twig.
The branch that bends, the ruff that bulges when the pigeon shuffles along.

A girl gets on the metro with a desk drawer.

On the thick sand by the breakers
an angler slides his rod out horizontally
a bike beside him on its kickstand.

He stands with legs apart as if he’s peeing.
Birds’ footprints in the sand.
The rod arches over the sea.


Erik Lindner

English Translation by Francis R. Jones