Furkan Çalışkan
He was born in 1983 in Ankara. His poems and prose writings appeared in the literary magazines of Dergâh, Kırklar, and Derkenar. He is the editor-in-chief of the monthly literary and thought magazine İtibar (Prestige) and the web site called kulturgundemi.com, and he is the publishing coordinator of the magazine Cins. His first poetry book entitled “Kabahatler Kanunu – The Law of Misdemeanor” was published in 2009. His second book called “Savunma Sanatları – Defense Arts” hit the shelves in 2014. In 2017 his third poetry collection called “Türkiye Saati – Turkey’s Hour” was published by the Profil Publishing House. He earned his undergraduate and Master’s Degree diplomas from Istanbul University’s Department of Civil Engineering. He is currently continuing his doctoral studies at the same university.

Quality of being a lion

A mother is born from her son
In this way sacrificing the last secret
Like yielding to the blood passion of a lion
Surrenders herself to the milk’s innocence

The place where you and your son were born is a tired reality
By not having a fear of dying in your young age
By taking the share of a loneliness from the destination of friends
That miraculous town is a place reached unprepared without and address

Here, o my woman, my property is all about impossibility
Every morning, you bid farewell him as a seasoned soldier heading for Yemen
In the night I come back as the farthest corner of the empire
The garrison you set up in my heart
When you stand guard of a pair of eyes looking toward the desert
The rain comes out of cloud, salt out of sea and mother out of the son
They come out and one probability once it was un sheathed
They would not get finished before settling old scores...

O my woman, I cannot count after forty
Our day of forty-one is entrusted to you
This is so because you gave a shadow
A pair of pants, a shirt, a handkerchief in the market
This is so because you equipped it with a son

It is an animal glitter
Taking its dead to faraway places
And this way the quality of being a lion
Being born from its shadow as a new secret...