Hakan Arslanbenzer
He was born in 1971 in Kars. He graduated from the Istanbul English Teachers School. Since 1993 he has worked in various businesses as a translator, editor and copywriter. He started writing poems at the age of 21. Since 1994 his poems appeared in literary magazines. In 1996 his critical essays started being published. Between 1996 and 2005 he ran the literary magazines of Şehrengiz, Atlılar and Huruç. Since 2005 he has been publishing another magazine called Fayrap. He advocated the concept of neo-epic poetry, he built its theory and made it visible in the field of publication. Between 2006 and 2011 he published 5 volumes of a poetry almanac called “The Turkish Poetry”. In 2011 he founded the Avangard Publishing House.

7 JULY 2014, GAZA

I had just dozed off right after suhur
There was a crack as if the sky was split
I got up as soon as I heard it I opened
The window, I said salavat so much excited
This is such a fear that seems like a joy, oh my God 
We have shortcomings, make us complete
Lighting stroke Üsküar
Gaza was hit by bombs
This Ramadan is a different one
One thousand four hundre twenty odd Hijri

I don’t know what 2014 in Hijri calendar is
Or how you would say in Arabic “Turks can’t live without Arabs,
If your Arab happens to be a Turk…” Arab and Turk
Gaza and Istanbul, children playing football on the beachside
Knesset Ayalet Shaked “Kill their mothers
Kill them so they cannot bear children” they will bear children, there will be more
Turks and Arabs are brunet, wheat skinned, white
Their victory sign is black and blue
The divine light descended for Sheik Ahmet Yasin
Hey Kassam you hit once, hit one thousand times

Have you given the sense of mercy only to the oppressed my God
In Gaza the wedding and the funeral are being held together 
The buildings are side by side head and shoulders like in Demetevler
Blackguards of Netanyahu destroy everywhere
I thought for a second that Demetevler was being demolished
I could not have imagined it
We could have razed Israel to the ground had we not imagined it
Until it would have been brought down in ruins 
We, the whole Turkey and Demetevler would have fought
There is no need even to think about it this is the way
Turkey was built one on the top of the other, side by side
The way the buildings were erected in Demetevler or Avcılar
When an empty Tomahawk missile falls down on a field
Urfa villagers were talking about
To bomb New York
Does our mercy work only just for us

This does not amount to mercy, it is egocentrism
The German has to be silent Israel Gaza Lieberman
In the face the words like bomb, attack
Merkel has to pay the price to Netanyahu
For the brand-new war gadgets
The South Americans know about Gaza reality
Their facial expression is very much relaxed since the talks was about Cuba
On CNN news it has to have North Americans cause to learn by heart:
“Israel’s right to self-defense”, blah blah
“HAMAS blah blah, two sides blah blah, human shield”
The media commissioners of the US hit
The Pancreas from time to time: “Anti-Semitism was the ammunition for nationalism
In 2000s. It became the ammunition of the hardliners blah blah”

I am 43 years old and I have no idea what ammunition is all about
For example, can we consider the arrow bombs of Israel as ammunition
They would throw seven thousand arrows to the area three hundred meters in diameter
Speak up the commissioner, is it ammunition 
A shrapnel smashing up the faces of children
If your socks run you feel your day is ruined
If you cannot wash your hair
Think of your face is in tatters, is it ammunition
The shoes of the family members of the dead
Lay at the doorsteps of the buildings

Hakan Arslanbenzer
English Translation by Mesut Şenol