Humay Mahmudova
Humay Mahmudova, who was raised in a teacher’s family, admits that her admiration for the great poet Nesimi of this land provided a foundation of her love for poetry and literature. Additionally as a renowned painter in her country through her exhibitions, she is one of the young members of the Painters’ Union. She came into prominence because of her national and international activities, and deservedly she was awarded with an honorary doctorate title in Germany. She has been serving as a reporter and producer on TV channels very much in line with her education and training, and being active in the magazine publishing sector is the one of her occupations where she earns her life.
Longing for the South and the North

It is strong a feeling to get used to love freedom
This is something to cause fighting
On the Savalan Mountain its soul is nowhere
Isn’t that hero Babek ours?

Do not separate by saying our South, our North
Condemn the ones for writing this definition
Let your pens be broken, do not write anymore
Aren’t the South and the North ours? 

It was Şehriyar whose heart hurts
The poet WROTE Azerbaijan
Rise up or burn completely
Aren’t the burnt and broken ones ours? 

You are always troublesome 
You are both Tabriz and Baku
You are our beloved being far apart
You are my precious, aren’t you?

My Tabriz looks out for you
The soul of Khorassan is here
Erdebil is anticipating
We are anticipating, aren’t we?

A loved one more loved than ourselves
My faithfulness is for the South
You broke to pieces, Azerbaijan
Is the broken piece your heart, the South?

The one who wrote the wisdom philosophy
The one who created the cloud lyric genre
Setterhan was a hero and brave 
Isn’t the avenue of the valiant ours?

Your Köroglu shall arrive one day
The chain on your hand will be broken that day
I would write on the Kaflan Mountain that day
Is this Humay your writer, isn’t she?

Humay  Mahmudova
English Translation by Mesut Şenol