Hüseyin Akın
He was born in 1965 in Sinop-Türkeli. He spent all of his education years in Istanbul. He graduated from the Theology Department of the Marmara University. He taught in various regions of Turkey. Since his high school years, Hüseyin Akın published his literary works in various literary magazines. He set up and ran a literary magazine called Özülke. He assumed the responsibility of the editor-in-chief of Kırkpınar literary Magazines. His literary writings were published in literary magazines such as İkindi Yazıları, Ünlem, Yansıma, Derkenar, Kardelen, Düşçınarı, Kırklar, Lamure, Yedi İklim, Hece, Dergâh, Karabatak, Türk Dili, Deve. He presented culture and art programs on several radio stations. He wrote his columns and made his contributions on different subject and culture in some newspapers. In the oral culture field, he produced some works identified by himself as “the Street Sociology”. He contributed to literature by his published works in poetry, essay, short story, biography and research fields. He was elected by the Turkish Writers Union in 2014 as the “Best Essayist of the Year” for his essay book called “Hu Dönüşü – Hey Turn”.


You are exact same, that smile of yours is lush

Had I not forgone the syllable then I would call it a garden

Anyway, I toured the whole world, it is just like colloquial language

Now are you calling me being an “exaggeration?”

Had I not exaggerated about you then I would kissed the heavens


The gardeners  cultivated there a rose

It picked its color and it name itself

The rivers used to get lost their ways in the map

At that hour, all the seas are open

As if there is an art of elocution appearing clearly in front of me


Silence seems to be covering a dead body

As soon as the film starts, all streets become empty

I left a note in the suggestion box of the world

Oh my God, let it not be so many long roads constructed

Having the hands found each other will do even if the language stays apart


The sea is still blue, the hope is also blue

Will poetry tell us about these facts, why not?

Somebody will come one day and ask the poet

And if he or she is still alive, there should a an explanation

The dagger on our back will stay in that upright position


Dear father, you didn’t you write so many poems

For the reason to let the pains not revive, and to let the dreams not startle

I had dropped from life, I don’t know from whom I took after

I would have not been offended had I not come into the world

That is why I love everything to death


Hüseyin Akın

English Translation By Mesut Şenol