Hüsrev Hatemi
Being a physician, poet and academician, Husrev Hatemi was born alongside with his twin brother Huseyin Hatemi, a jurist, on December 1938 in Istanbul into a family of an Iranian father and Azerbaijani mother. While providing his services in the field of medicine as an internal medicine specialist, he has written poems in his unique style and has published his poetry collections. As well as his poetry books of “Şiirler – Poems (1968-1990”, “Karakavak Şiirleri – Poems of Black Poplar”, and Kişver, his translation of Omer Khayyam’s “Rubaiyat”, “Yozlaşmadan Uzlaşmak – Strike a Balance Without Degeneration “, “Hoşça Bak Zatına – Take a Good Care of Yourself“, “Dekorlar Kaldı Geride – The Sets were Left Behind“, “Darilfünûn ve Darüşşifa – Ottoman University and Hospital“, “İl – Province “, “Dil – Language“, “Din Üzerine – About Religion “, “Kimlik Kuyusu – The Well of Identity“, “Özge – Different “, “Temaşa – Show “, “Görüntüler ve Görüşler – Images and Opinions”, Türk Aydını – Dünü Bugünü – Turkish Intellectual – From Past to Today “, “Tapu Sicil Muhafızının Anıları – The Memoirs of the Land Registrar “, “Anılar Ömür Süvarisi – Memories are the Rider of Life “, and “Göğe Giden Kervanlar – The Caravans Heading for the Sky “ are some of his published works.
Grief, like a lantern, turns around at nights,
And a weary dawn comes after.
Assume every encounter brings parting,
Every birth announces a death.
Certainly we were apart when we met,
Dread of separation colored every single day.
Ignorant of the fact,
Our hearts were in need of newly-encounters…
Assume every coming together brings parting…
For ones passed through
The darkness of desperation,
Single light of candle seems to be an illumination,
Yet it is well known exists no illumination on return.