İbrahim Nasrallah
Ibrahim Nasrallah was born in 1954 to Palestinian parents who were evicted from their land in Palestine in 1948. He spent his childhood and youth in a refugee camp in Jordan, and began his career as a teacher in Saudi Arabia. After returning to Amman, he worked in the media and cultural sectors till 2006 when he decided to dedicate his life to writing. To date, he has published 14 poetry collections, 16 novels, and several other books. In 1985, he started writing the Palestinian Tragicomedy covering 250 years of modern Palestinian history in a series of novels in which each novel is an independent one; to date nine novels were published in the framework of this project. Five of his novels and a volume of poetry have been published in English, three works in Italian, one novel in Danish and one in Turkish. In 2016, Nasrallah was awarded the Katara Prize for Arabic Novels for his work The Spirits of Kilimanjaro.

Barbers look at your hair while you were passing by the door preoccupied
Tailors take the type of your shirt
Shopkeepers size up your height
Taxi drivers take a look at your style
Pickpockets seek your pocket
Hangmen study your neck
Beauticians control your nose
Women search for your charm
Mirrors see your light
Eye doctors examine your eyes
And the police look for your wrists
Sprinters inspect their legs
Swimmers watch their shoulders
Censors look the lips
For shoemakers there are only these boots and shoes!
Storytellers eye their steps
Sharpshooters shoot from head! 

İbrahim Nasrallah
English Translation by Mesut Şenol