İhsan Deniz
He was born in 1960 in İnegöl. İhsan Deniz graduated from the Philosophy Department of the Faculty of Letters of the Istanbul University in 1985. Between 1996 and 1999, he published a poetry anthology called İpek Dili – The Silk Language. He wrote weekly in Yeni Şafak newspaper from 1996 up to 2007.  He published by now 12 poetry books. İhsan Deniz currently serves as the manager of the Bursa Research Library.  




Nothing happened when that cold quilt licked my eye brows.

Cotton bales did not catch fire.

The skin did not pierce the skin.



What is a cold quilt?

A quilt, inside of which are kept the towels made out of ice?

Of which are hidden tired, black and blue, needle leaves.

Inside of it, septembers, birthdays, walk away, hopelessness…

A long breathing of a letter inside of it.

Inside of it a numb mouth.

Always swallowing, always forgetting ceaselessly

getting lost among the grave Stones, in the hurting throats of the children…

Always that cold quilt…

Always a numb mouth…


What is it?






I am at the point where the river meets darkness.


They say Sarin gas would do good.

For the cold wound. For the old wound.

It would presumably not penetrate into the heart.

It would not fade the dream.

It might be a cure for the soul.

It could though have an adverse effect for the one with numb mouth.

For the quilt which does not get warm.

For the blood bleeding blue.


It wouldn’t take too long

The distance between the starting and finishing points

would not be considered as a measure of time.

It would be accepted precise.


It wouldn’t take too long.



an angel would descend.


İhsan Deniz

English Translation by Mesut Şenol