İnci Okumuş
A poet, writer and business manager, İnci Okumuş was born in Kahramanmaraş. She earned her doctoral degree of Business Administration at Eskişehir Anadolu University. Currently she is serving as a General Manager for a construction company. She commenced her professional writing career in 1988. She received a number of awards in her field. Her writings of İnci Okumuş appeared in some national dailies such as the Hürriyet GAP and Milat. Her poems were published in some art and literary magazines such as Dolunay, Gençliğin Sesi, Seviye, Milli Kültür, Yeni Ufuk, Güneysu, Külliye, Tebessüm, Harman and Esma‘ül Hüsna. She served on the organizing committee of the Traditional Dolunay (Full Moon) Poetry Festival. In poetry she has published two collections and three works are ready for publication. Her published works are: Düğün Gönle Kurulur – Wedding is Set through a Leather (Dolunay Publishing 1999), Aşkın Elif Hâli – Slenderness of Love (Kumrum Publishing 2013).  
We Walked All Along the Centuries in one Night
Hurt so bad in many hearts in the darkness of the sky

the wishes are to be accepted at times of martyrdom

His Holiness Prophet waits over there for my martyr

do the wounds in our hearts bleed so much?

do the unborn babies cry for the motherland?


We walked all along the centuries in one night from end to end

without stopping in a night, we passed through the nights

oh the queen resisting to die on the motherland!

does your life and your dreams get burnt through your atonement?

by arising from dead, are the shroudless martyrs and sorrow in tears?


The sounds of betrayal stuck in our throats like a fish bone

let that traitor vein get withered, down with their ambition

you know the breathe of the down heroes turn into a gazelle

does the coming and going rage ascend into heaven?

like being in mortal fear, does the land shed tears?
Do the ones who know the privacy of the heart commit blasphemy?

how could our intellect make sense of these impure people throughout their lives?

let those shameful ones perish in dead-end roads

would the stars shoot from the sky like the swifts?

would the mountains with the star and crescent taken wings lament?
Come, with your mercy let us now kiss the faithful hearts

their fearless and eyes rise inside the doomsday in rebellion

burn the maps, and let the sounds of prayer calls be heard from the last and infinite frontier

do the snipers take aim at themselves?

can the unborn children win glory?
Is it true that you console the pain with pain?

while the deep waters were fluttering, does the land get burnt?

given the faith of indestructible, do we reach the end of our rope?
does the good news cry in times of sadness?

just don’t ask; is it a way out to console the pain with pain?

English Translation by Mesut Şenol