Ingrid Storholmen
A poetess, writer and editor. She was born in Verdal, Norway. She has been studying Literature at the University of Bergen, and she spent one year at a Creative writing school. She has also been literature editor of Morgenbladet, a culture newspaper in Norway. She was for five years writer in resident at "Adrianstua", a writers house in Trondheim. She started Trondheim International Literature Festival while living there, and she also founded the Literature magazine LUJ together with two colleagues.  She has published 7 books. She has received a number of Literature awards and prizes for her work. Her poetry was translated into 18 different languages, and she participated in numerous international poetry festivals.



Have you nothing to say? – nothing to say


You do not exist? – do not exist


May I see you? – see you


See me? – see me


Your body, it is gone? – is gone


Must you be filled by others? – filled by others


You do not exist alone – alone


Are you lonely? – lonely


Do you not feel ashamed? – ashamed ashamed  ashamed


Punished for talking too much –



Ingrid Storholmen