M. Önal Mengüşoğlu
A poet and writer, Metin Önal Mengüşoğlu was born in Elazığ. He graduated from the Law School of Istanbul University. He did not have a career in the field of law. He had a business enterprise in Bursa. His thought and art life began during his high school years, and he has been active in the fields of poetry, short story, novel, essay and biography works. His essays, short stories and poems appeared in a number of literary magazines. He contributed to literary magazines: Kriter, Varide and Kelime. He is a member of the Turkish Writers Union, and he attended many national and international literary events. In 2000 with his work entitled Harput Şehrengizi (Works Telling about Harput) received the prize for intellectuals and artists in the category of city books organized by the Turkish Writers Union. In 2007, he was also given the Grand Prize in the honor of Ahmet Cevdet Paşa, during the “International Poetry Festival for Turkish Language” organized every two years.



A stone thrown from the tip of a slingshot

Even though it does not reach your anticipated target

Children, you are doing right


Syrian, Lebanese and Jordanian

Children, maybe you are Iraqis


Who knows from how many places of your arms are broken

It is the price you pay for your still throbbing hearts

Who knows how much was the cost


Before the bullets come and find you

What was going on in Palestine

Was nothing but an enjoyable hide and seek


How can they stand against the steel

Children, you have your cardboard spears


Even though your enemy

Would perish your little lives

And your sad looks would sow thousands of stars

Even though the blood would stream instead of water

From your fountains

You are being kept anyway

From my heart

You, children


Metin Önal Mengüşoğlu

English Translation by Mesut Şenol