Monica C. Canulaef
Poetess Mónica Cañulef Cañulef, is a narrator of oral poetry and storytelling. She performs and interprets the stories she had heard in her childhood from her grandfather. Those stories have been conveyed to the new generations by her ancestors, and she takes up the responsibility of sustaining and performing this old prestigious culture. She is the founder and the accountant of the Chilean Oral Storytelling Network. She believes that the cultures of the peoples are timeless.
Significance of Mapuche


I close my eyes, I go on a journey

To those promising dreams

I have got them all my life.


As I was flying freely over the forests

And their over a millennia old trees

That have a lot to say.

As I was flying over the forests

Of the fog of all times

They invite me in their dimness

To show my way.

As I dance with my ancestors in big loops

They teach me

The old dances like the nights in cosmos

That exhibit the power of my nation.

And even today there are plenty of those ballads

That pour on me like a dark cloud turning times into serenity.

Or while flying over the majestic volcanoes

Showing you, who takes care of me.


Those dreams that left a mark in my life

Leaving their traces in my past, in the culture of my memory

Imperialism that still exists despite its violence.


In this compassionate and fertile land

Strong, smelling nice and being wise

We call it our earth mother

Patting and soothing us in the face of war

That gives peace and harmony to attach to my soul

Conversing with my ancestors in the gurgling waterfall, in the blowing gust

To tell me that I came from a very learned culture

They used not to submit to anybody as people with a dignity

They used to fight with themselves to be better persons on every passing day.


When I open my eyes, I still see that my people are in war

They do not cave

They keep honoring their ancestors

By defending our Homeland, our Mother.


Many people do not comprehend our war

Is it that difficult to make sense of our life philosophy?

Even so we keep standing tall and proud

We are ready to continue to live.

I recall these words

That I had heard when I was a child…

“They cannot destroy us nor can they make us forget about our being natives.

This is so because we are a cultural unity of the sky and the earth.

We are the descendants of our ancestors, we are millions

And even the whole world gets destroyed

Our people shall continue to live, even after the death empire.”

I rose and look at the sun, and I say:

Marichiweu! (We will beat them!)

Hey hey hey hey hey!!!!!!


Mónica Cañulef Cañulef

English Translation by Mesut Şenol