Mohamed Eno
An academician, poet and writer. He is the Dean at St Clements University Somalia where he teaches courses in the African Studies as well as Applied Linguistics & TESOL programs; a distinguished senior faculty and researcher in the English Department of ADNOC Technical Institute in Abu Dhabi, UAE. He is the winner of multiple awards in teaching and research, author of various poetry collections and academic publications, co-editor of the Journal of Somali Studies. As well as being reviewer for several renowned academic journals, Prof. Eno has research interests in disciplines encompassing the social sciences and the humanities.
Exodus into the Wilderness


First in the west

Then in the east

Later in the north

Last in the south!

Unleash the artillery

Expunge the enemy out of every hideout

Devise the army jets into the blue skies

Eliminate the enemy troops in optimal disarray


In crossfire of automatic rifles ruinous

Citizens were caught up in chaotic frenzy

Sickly gunpowder smoldered into the air

Confusion! Frustration! Suffocation!

Lo! Violent salvos jostled giant homes

Hundreds buried under the debris

Leaving thousands deaf and dumb


When hand grenades were hurled

From within the home area around us

Hugger-mugger ensued every here and there;

Past the doorstep lay hungry men deceased

Fed on them by millions of fat maggots

Survivors of shelling escaped into the wasteland

Expeditions to unknown destiny in the wilderness

Daring to share shelter with wildlife

Than sharing word with warmongers wild


Mohamed A. Eno