Mustafa Akar
A poet, writer and journalist, Mustafa Akar was born in Giresun. For a while he studied economics at Selçuk University, but then he quit his university education. From 1998 on he has been publishing his poems and prose writings in magazines such as Dergâh, Kırklar, Derkenar and İtibar. He is one of the hosts of the television program called “As to the Intention for Everybody” aired on Ülke TV. After having worked as a journalist he transitioned into other positions. He is currently serving as the editor-in-Chief of Lacivert (Dark Blue) literary magazine. Mustafa Akar has been awarded, alongside with Furkan Çalışkan, by the Turkish Writers Union, the Producer of the Year 2015. He lives in Istanbul and his published books are as follows: Küçük Bir Gökada (A Small Galaxy), Evyazı Tahtası (Home Writing Board), Tenezzül (Condescend), Tüm Nefesliler (All Breathing Ones), Ev Hali (State of the House).



Can you remember, humans are made of leaving

Whereas the world keeps remaining

Stay with me, do not go, the world is not spacious

The field is open, there are seas

The mountains and the saints of God are of the same age

Only you and I can know about it

Lurching mercy

Lurching conscience

Human, out of leaving…


Can you remember

In the past you used to send me dreams to read

The dreams that are not much seen and not much told

They used to meet me in the letter papers

That I used to read them in all of my long walks

I saw one of the most precious dreams again

After so many years

Now I think briefly about all of these

Since our life

Has become a terrible interpretation

Of a mediocre dream seen so many times


The natural science of going out to the balcony

The math of looking out of window

And the competency of a long laughter

All of these have to do with spring, do you remember


If today was an indispensable spring day

To be revived by a warmish sweet breeze

Arousing a feeling of opening the windows

And making you give the watch in the kitchen

A brand-new name

Then you would have shouted:

Today is spring, everybody out



Would you remember all of these?


Mustafa Akar

English Translation by Mesut Şenol