Nurullah Genç
An academician, poet, writer and photographer, Nurullah Genç was born in Horasan, Erzurum. He graduated from the Economics and Business Sciences Department of Atatürk University. In his academic career he accomplished a professorship in 2001. Nurullah Genç currently serves as the member of the Central Bank’s General Assembly. From 1980 on, his poems and writings have appeared in many literary magazines such as Türk Edebiyatı (Turkish Literature), Aylık Dergi (Montly Magazine, Nesil (Generation), Sur (Rampart), Gurbet (Foreign Land), Mina, Kardelen (Snowdrop), Palandöken, Karçiçeği (Snow Flower), Yolcu (Passenger), Güneysu, Dolunay (Full Moon), Aydili (Moon Language), Ayvakti (Moon Time), İkindi Yazıları (Late Afternoon Writings), Bu Ülke (This Country), Bizim Külliye (Our Complex), and Dil ve Edebiyat (Language and Literature). In poetry contests he has received many first prizes and other awards. His career as a photographer started in 2008, and his participation in various national and international events have been recognized with various awards. He has published 10 books of professional work, 19 poetry collections and 3 novels.



the pieces of the earth

broken in the backdrop of the soul

resistance is something else

crying in the eyes of the children

in the  wheat ears of loneliness


from the ginger scented wings

they lay kites on the ground

the resistance of the birds is different

death is in waiting on their beaks


it gets its polish from kalu kâlu belâ*

in their glasses, time is a kufic chant of hu

the resistance of the mirrors


the red turns into a rose in their hands

and of the white spilled in the streets


sorrow was about

to take a long road in their folds

from the place where horses rear up

the time travelers a trumpet call

it is yet another type of resistance


oh the Red Sea

what kind of feeling is to silence the darkness

the drops as green as grass

the resistance of the waters

goes through the distiller of love and separation

and it is the heroic act of those waters only


it is the resistance of the mountains

it does not allow the thieves to pass

there are loud cries

striking fear at the hearts of the giants


treason which is an incense scented oleander

oozes from the crack of the brain

the sills of the windows are vibrated

when push comes to shove

they get equipped with the lock of the feat of the world

the resistance of the doors is something else


the resistance of the skies

of the earth

of the flame

of the wind

of a land

of a grievance


against the tyrants of the time

the resistance of the age

a dream is something else

so is a life

the resistance of the standard

Seems to be something different


Nurullah Genç

English Translation by Mesut Şenol