R. M. Reşit el-Mikati
Prof. Dr. Refet Muhammed Reşit el-Mikati is the rector of the Tripoli University in Lebanon. It is the first university connected with Turkey by an agreement to teach Turkish language and literature in Lebanon. He teaches Islamic Sharia and Law in Tripoli and Beirut universities. He is the former Dean of the Islamic Studies Faculty at the University of Tripoli. He is a member of the Supreme Advisory Board of International Family Institute in Istanbul. He is also a member of the International Union of Muslim Scholars as well as the Board of the Trustees of the Forum Sheikh Aaradawi in Qatar. He wrote on intellectual, jurisprudential subjects and political poems. He is the first one who wrote a poem which documented the wicked and failed coup attempt in Turkey. The poem addresses the victory of the Turkish people against the coups. The poem has been translated to Turkish and a report was prepared about it by the Turkish television TRT HABER. Besides, the poem had a great spread around the world.


It was such a night; they said the handsome man was toppled

They brandished their barrels full of hatred at him every time


The screens were full of all possible lies

The earth was plundered, all lies, all lies
Hypocrite mouths seem to be a well-wisher

Assassination in their hearts, they wish to see the gallows
Oh see, a bunch of jackals were so pleased
Look who is not to be the witness to testify the truth

Had the prayers were answered, the bones would have rained

The weapons were revolted everywhere

The ships were out for treason under sail
The people were told not to leave their houses never ever

It was the day of jackals, and they thought it was their call

Treason let out a yell, they said they won

And some Arabs were exhilarated

For adherents of good faith the world is restrained, the souls are tattered

They read out their declaration and they threw out suspicion
The moment a valiant appeared on the telephone

It was a bursting resolve, and it was evident in every square
O my nation, this night is a dawn to end the last darkness

Let the bunch of jackals see; let this gang receive a strike
The sounds of Allahuekber poured and the traitor lost his cool

There was a dazzling faith, equal to the thousands of suns
The airport, the bridge are woven with faith

To know immortality can kill death
On the minarets the recital of sala, patience, endurance and prayer

A nation and an advocacy against a steel barrel
The is the voice of God, there is no cannon nor a tank

In the eyes of this nation a tank or a cannon is nothing but a toy
A solid steely faith encircled this treason

The traitor army officer forget about his homeland and nation


Even though they embellish their shoulders with all the stars of the sky

Those epaulettes are stolen and pitch-black

This is such a slap that did not only knocked over the puppet

This is such a slap that made the great Powers shivered
The unpleasant looking one terrorizes and pulls the wires

Tongue-tied, there is today no life nor energy


Honor battered the strike of the undignified

And see how it was done in a midnight
The sun of the towns was conquered faithfully

It was a dawn with taintless blood in the shining horizon

O the son of the Muslim Turk! O the standard of Islam nation!

God willing, you proved who the victor was
Stand tall, do not yield! It does not matter how much wild the Devil goes

And how many plans he can hatch against what God dictated to happen
It has been said for long, but I got it today

You can live during the order and respect month, and you can see wonders
Refet  Muhammed Reşit el-Mikati
English Translation by Mesut Şenol