Rui Cóias
A poet, writer. He was born in Lisbon, Portugal. He graduated from the Law School of Coimbra University. He did earn his post graduate degree in law studies in Lisbon. He has authered“ A Função do Geógrafo” (The Role of the Geographer) and “A Ordem do Mundo” (The World`s Order) which brought him the public recognition and outlined a very unique path in Portuguese poetry in recent years. In 2016 his new book “Europa” (Europe) was published in Portugal by Tinta da China publishers, which, among other texts, contains a series of poems about the Great War and the battle of the Somme, France, in 1916. He attended many national and international literary events. His poems and prose writings have been translated into several languages.




He said

traveling is being able to depart for the place

up ahead,

each place impressing us only because it suggests

the next one that will come into view.

And in the end, when we let go of everything

and hear nothing but the bells’ tolling,

the landscapes cease to exist, being no more

than our breathing set free.

“What impels us is our being able to bury

the body in another place;

since everywhere we’ve been we left our body

within sight of the place just beyond.”

I understood that, without showing any fear,

he’d discovered the world’s transparency,

he’d been helped by the hovering

faces of travelers.

And I remembered how time teaches us,

from early youth to old age,

to allow a pause in our eyes whenever beauty overwhelms,

a pause in our hands and eyes which are what tell us

the small part of us that always remains.


Rui Cogias

English Translation by Richard Zenith