Serdar Kacır
A poet, writer and editor, Serdar Kacır was born in Bozüyük. He graduated from a religious vocational school in 1999. He completed his higher education in Vienna at the Communications Department of Vienna University. He was among the founders and editors of the literary magazine Magrib (Maghreb) based in Vienna. His poems and prose writings appeared in magazines and newspapers such as Yedi İklim, Magrib, Kaşgar, Melamet (Blame) and others.  His two poetry collections published by Yedi İklim Publishing House: “Uzak Ülkeme Doğru – To my far away Country” and “Üç Adam – Three Men”. The poet continues his literary journey and he also works in a public agency.


To Dear Ali Işık


birds should be afraid of dying all too soon

so should you my heart

when it comes to you chimneys without any exception

does the black smoke come out from your base


sizable days are being cracked under the bells

fragments of the body within the vortex of a window

this time though it is not one by one

we are dying together

we are dying my goodness

I got it in the end that we are already dead


the exhausted children for carrying their cribs

their foreheads crack not because of the cold

again the dinner table becomes bloodstained on my dad’s face

me though, I kiss the words I like

I buttoned them up to one another


in fact the shore is slipping from the feet of the children

now time seems like to be in Ali’s story

in his hand a carnation is rotted away

it is not for us to walk the mountains, mountains walk us


the match gets rough and the leggings should be put on

Ali, the children play to the death

we should play for what

we would get hungry soon

let them die, let us have a rest

after all we are guests of pain


is there always a wall at the end of this town

everywhere are hung our dead photos

Ali, who is giving the directives

I desire greatly for a sunrise whistle

is it  our turn to charge

let me sharpen my heart


Serdar Kacır

English Translation By Mesut Şenol