Zeynep Arkan
A poetess and writer, Zeynep Arkan was born in Sakarya. She graduated from the Pre-School Education Teachers Department of Sakarya University. Her first poem “Taşınmak – Relocation” appeared in Dergâh literary magazine. Then her poems, writings and poetry reviews were published in the literary magazines of: Heves, Kökler, Kırknar, avant gardé, Karagöz, Hacı Şair, Mahalle Mektebi, Sompla Ka, and Hece. Her poetry books are İkrar – Confession (2006, Ebabil Publishing), Orada Merhamet Varmış – There Was Indeed Some Mercy over There (2015, Ebabil Publishing). She made children’s books adaptations. She continues her works in the fields of biography, poetry and its criticism as well as on the topics of digital culture, the Internet, and social media.

You were so tiny and your steps were in the past when you got to our house

You were pretty much scared of the doors’ being huge

You just suddenly ran into the backyard and we were not present

As if you were wishing to go back to your childhood

You were a small haste shaking in the light gust

In the chilly backyard of your childhood

They laughed at you, you were ignoring them

They did not like you, you were crying for it

You ceaselessly cried and your wings were in flames when you become silent


Your tiny wings did not fit into our street

You were not aware of our pains and you were keeping to yourself

You were looking for your shadow blended in history

You first drank our water, and then you went on being an angel as usual

You were wounded in the world of paleness

You were like a pale angel kissing the world


You liked the windows of all houses facing the street

How would have you known to be away from home

You did not bog down in the muds of the pathways

And in the middle of the far away trips and fields

You are striking a match when you feel cold; your name is not mentioned in any bet

The missing part of all maps are drawn from your pocket

Every day a master painting the clouds on the ceilings dies


When you were called on, you got to know how to live

You went out like striking out in the water, your name resonated in the void

Your words did not stir anybody’s torso

Your unsound fatigue did not frighten us

You were an angel; you were a small branch of the truth

You will never ever come to us.


Zeynep ARKAN

English Translation by Mesut Şenol